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When you become a member of The Notary Association of America® (NAA), you'll gain invaluable support and resources that drive the success of professional notaries. We provide online education, professional advice, and high-quality notary supplies that help our growing network of notary professionals get the most out of their commission.

Notary Association of America

Exclusive Benefits for NAA Members

The NAA strives to provide notaries with the information and tools they need. Our member benefits include a toll-free support line for professional notary advice. You can contact our notary experts any time you have a question about a notarization, liability concerns, or online training.

We also provide new members with a Notary Education Packet that contains helpful guides on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Ethical guidelines
  • Fraud prevention
  • Continuing education
  • Minimizing liability
  • Notary journals
  • Prohibited acts

The guidebooks in the packet stress the importance of practicing high ethical standards. They offer practical tips on ways to avoid lawsuits related to negligent, fraudulent, or improper notarizations.

Notary Association of America® members also receive:

  • Our monthly newsletter
  • A notary public wall sign
  • The NAA Creed of Integrity

The NAA also provides discounts on notary supplies, including stamps, embossers, journals, and gold foil labels. You'll find great rates on the notary tools you need.

Discounted Membership Fees and Free Notary Training

The price of NAA membership starts at $39, but you can save money by purchasing a longer term of membership. If you join the organization for a term of two years or more, you can access our online notary training courses for free.

The Online Notary Education Course provides a valuable refresher on notarization procedures and the basic duties and responsibilities of the notary public. We can also provide the training you need to become a certified signing agent, which is a career choice that can increase your income and independence.

NAA Membership Pricing

  • One-year membership: $39
  • Two-year membership: $70 (Save 10%)
  • Three-year membership: $99 (Save 15%)
  • Four-year membership $124 (Save 20%)

Annual membership starting at $39 Join Now