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Everything You Need to Become a State-Approved Online Notary

It's simple for commissioned notaries in Florida to get approved to perform remote online notarizations over an app or website. Our all-in-one RON package includes your online RON training course, notary bond, and an errors and omissions insurance policy.

With our Florida Online Notary package, you get:

  • A state-approved online RON course
  • A $25,000 notary bond
  • A $25,000 errors and omissions insurance policy

You'll also receive a state application form that is pre-filled with your information. To become state approved, simply sign and complete the form, get it notarized, attach your RON course certificate and mail your completed application to the Department of State.

Benefits of Remote Online Notarizations

Remote online notarizations provide unmatched convenience for notaries and their clients. RON allows you to notarize nearly any document over a live video call with clients located anywhere in the United States.

Other RON benefits include:

  • Simplifies scheduling with clients
  • Speeds up the notarization process
  • Reduces fraud risk with digital identity proofing and credential analysis
  • Keeps digital records of your notarizations
  • Saves time and money compared to traditional remote notarizations

Requirements to Become an Online Notary

Florida has several requirements you must meet before you can get authorized for remote online notarizations. To qualify, you must:

  • Be an actively commissioned Florida notary
  • Take a two-hour RON training course
  • Obtain a $25,000 notary bond
  • Purchase an errors and omissions insurance policy of at least $25,000
  • Select a state-compliant RON service provider
  • Pay a $10 state registration fee

Once you have satisfied the requirements above, you can submit your RON application to the Department of State. Florida requires you to mail in a physical copy of your application.

Online RON Training Course Details

Before you submit your RON application to the state, you need to complete a two-hour course that explains important rules and regulations for remote online notarizations.

The course included in our RON package is 100% online and is approved by the state of Florida.

RON course topics include:

  • Requirements to Become an Online Notary Public
  • Audio-Visual Requirements
  • Identity Confirmation Requirements
  • Security
  • Remote Online Notarization Procedure
  • Witnesses to a Remote Online Notarization
  • Record Keeping
  • Special Considerations
  • Making Copies of an Electronic Record
  • Remote Online Service Provider Functions

The RON course ends with a multiple-choice final exam. You must score at least 70% to earn your certificate of completion. You can take the exam as many times as you need to until you receive a passing score.

What Is a RON Service Provider?

Online notaries are required to work with a RON service provider, which is a third-party company that provides technological support for online notarizations.

These companies can offer a wide variety of services, including a video conferencing platform, identity verification, credential analysis, video and document storage, and payment processing. The services offered will vary from provider to provider.

Some examples of RON service providers include SIGNiX, DocVerify and Notarize. You should review a variety of providers and select one that best fits your business needs. You can change RON service providers at any time, but you will need to notify the state of the change.

Before selecting a provider, it's important to confirm that the company's technology meets the state's basic requirements. You can find these requirements in Chapter 117 of the Florida Statutes and Chapter 1N-7001 of the Florida Administrative Register.

How to Submit Your RON Application

After you register for our Florida Online Notary package and complete your RON training, you can submit your RON application to the Department of State.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Print and sign your application form
  2. Write in the name of your RON service provider
  3. Attach your RON course certificate and other required documents
  4. Get your form notarized
  5. Mail your completed application to the state

The mailing address is listed on your application form. The Department of State will contact you as soon as you're approved to perform remote online notarizations.

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