Texas Forms

Change of Name (Form 2305)


Use this form if you are changing your name.

A Notary Public may change the name on their commission by sending the Secretary of State a name change application, your current certificate of commission, a rider or endorsement from the insurance agency or surety, and a $20.00 filing fee. The above four elements must be sent at the same time. For an instruction sheet, please contact the Notary Public Unit at (512) 463-5705.


State Requirements: To change the exact name on a notary commission, the notary is required to send the following document to the State of Texas:

  1. Completed Change of Name as a Texas Notary Public;
  2. Check or money order for $20 made payable to the Secretary of State;
  3. A rider or endorsement from their current bonding company indicating the name change ; and
  4. Their current commission certificate.

The name change procedure is optional. The notary public may continue to sign the name that is shown on their commission until that commission expires and change their name when they renew their term.

Bonding Agency Requirements: A notary must contact their original bonding agency for assistance with a notary commission name change.

When a rider is required, in addition to any state fees which you will send with your change form to the State of Texas, there is a $49.95 charge by our office to process the rider, which includes your new notary stamp made for your seal with your new exact name as commissioned. You also have the option of ordering an embosser for an additional charge.

Please contact us to prepare the rider at 1-800-864-6395. Please have your credit card number available. We will prepare the rider and send this to you as soon as possible so that you can include the rider with your state form when you send this information to the State of Texas for processing.

Change of Address Form (Form 2302)


Use this form if you are changing your address.

If a notary moves, and the their street address changes while they are commissioned as a notary public, the notary is required to file within 10days an address change with the Secretary of State.