What is a Notary Signing Agent

Notary Signing Agents are an essential part of mortgage and loan closings, ensuring the validity of the documents being signed as well as the people signing them.

When lending companies close on a mortgage, they will usually hire a Notary Signing Agent to make sure that the loan is carried out properly and all the necessary documents are in order.

Take a look at the list below to understand the requirements and limits of Notary Signing Agents:

What Notary Signing Agents Must Do:

  • Verify the identity of the person signing the loan
  • Ensure that all documents are in English and can be read and understood by the signer or can be sufficiently translated or explained to the signer by a third party
  • Make sure that all documents are signed and initialed in all the necessary places
  • Notarize the document
  • Make sure the notarized documents are returned to the mortgage company or proper organization

What Notary Signing Agents Must Never Do:

  • Offer advice about the loan
  • Give the signer(s) an opinion on any of the information contained in the documents to be signed
  • Notarize a signing for which they have a vested financial interest (other than the payment received for performing the duty)
  • Notarize their own signature

Though it is not required in all states, it is also a good idea to record the date, time, people involved and anything else of note about the signing in the Notary Notebook.

If you want to learn how you can work for yourself as a Notary Signing Agent, take a look at our Notary Signing Agent Course.