Kansas Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my Kansas Notary Certificate valid?

Your certificate is valid for 4 years. The date starts on the day the Secretary of State's Office files your application.

How do I renew my Kansas notary commission?

The state recommends you start the renewal process about 2 months before your current certificate will expire. To renew your Kansas notary commission, you must repeat the application process including buying a new bond. You may also desire to purchase a new stamp, especially if your current stamp includes an expiration date.

When does my notary commission expire?

Your Notary commission certificate will list its expiration date on it.

Do I need to buy a surety bond?

Yes. The State of Kansas requires notaries to purchase a $7,500 surety bond, usually from a notary bonding company like Notary of America.

What is Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance?

Errors & Omission insurance (E&O) serves to protect a notary from a lawsuit, whether the notary made a mistake or is being falsely charged. E&O insures for the amount of coverage the notary purchased.

Can I become a Kansas notary?

If you are over 18 years old, a resident of Kansas or live in a border state and frequently conduct business in Kansas, if you have not committed a felony, if you have not had a professional license revoked, and if you speak and understand English, yes.

Do I need to take a class to become a Kansas notary?

No course or training is required to become a notary in Kansas. However, receiving some training is highly recommended.

When will I get my notary certificate?

The Secretary of State's office will file your application and send you your certificate, wallet card, and a handbook to the home address listed on your application.

What kind of equipment do I need to be a Kansas notary?

Notaries in Kansas must have a stamp with an easy to read seal that does not bleed. A smudged seal can be rejected. The stamp must include the name of the notary and the words "State of Kansas" and "Public Notary" on it. It may have an expiration date as well. You may consider also purchasing an embosser, which provides the notary extra protection against fraud. However, this is not required.

Can I fax my completed application to Notary of America?

Whether you completed the application online or by hand, you must mail the signed original application to us at Notary of America.

Does my application need to be notarized before sending it to Notary of America?

Yes, you must take the Oath of Office and have your application notarized before sending it.

Do I need to send my application to the state?

No, Notary of America will stamp your signed and notarized application once it's been received and send it to the state.

When will I receive my notary stamp?

Once Notary of America receives your application, it will stamp the application and send it to the state. After that is done, your stamp will be sent to you. The process usually takes 3 weeks.